Angepinnt Ingame Rules [EN]

  • Ingame Rules [EN]

    Hello folks,

    While playing on our server, please keep these rules in mind in order to allow us to maintain a safe and happy community.
    Failure to comply with these rules can lead to a series of ingame punishments, such as a warn, kick, tempban, or permanent ban.

    Server IP: (Germany)
    Server IP: (Canada)

    1. Use appropriate language (Respect other players and don't annoy them or be rude to them)
    2. Using hacked or modified clients is not allowed, as they will grant you an advantage that the other players don 't have. (If you 're not sure about a mod, feel free to ask.)
    3. Don't spam the chat box (Begging is considered as spam)
    4. Follow the staff's instructions
    5. Spawn camping is strictly prohibited (SkyPvP)
    6. Abusing bugs is strictly prohibited (Report them to the Staff instead)
    7. Trying to bypass a ban is strictly prohibited
    8. Premium and VIP Players are not allowed to own a shop
    9. Do not build infinite redstone clocks
    10. Traps are strictly forbidden, except for PVP
    11. It's forbidden to block portals.

    The MZ team

    The English is much weller now.

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